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King Mengrai The King of Chiang Rai
Chiang Sean Lek

Welcome to Chiang Rai ::
   Chiang Rai is the northern most province of Thailand. It is located 829 km. from Bangkok. It consists of valleys, which are punctuated by hills and has a total area of 11,678 square kilometers. Many important rivers start flowing from here such as Mae Kok River, Mae Lao River, Mae Kham River, Mae Sai River, and Ing River. Moreover, the Golden Triangle of Chiangrai is the first entering point of Mekhong River to Thailand before making an exit point to Lao Wiang Kaen District of Chiangrai.
     Chiang Rai? Population consists of many groups of racial such as Tai Yai, Tai Lue, Tai Khern, Tai Yuan. In the early of 2000 A.D. many hill tribes moved from China and settled their village in many places of Chiangrai. The last group of racial that moved in Chiangrai is the 93rd Chinese Nationalist Battalion.More>>
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Top 5 Attractions
eleplane riding
Elephant Camp

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Dusit Island is a Chiang Rai luxury hotel close to downtown attractions and remote enough to enjoy real resort status this fully equipped property is sure to provide travellers with the best service and comfort..