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Bamboo Rafting in Kham River

This is the new tourist attraction for tourist who love nature, adventure and the cool of the Body River, to help relieve the summer heat. The rafting route in the Khum River is located on theTung Hill, Mae Salong Nai sub district. The beginning is located between the old Baan SamukeeAnd end at the new Baan Samukee village. The total distance is about 7 kilometer. It would take about 2 and a half hour. The Chiangrai Tour Association has explored the route and plan to make it
A new tourist attraction. You can enjoy the rough ride on the strong tide while trying to control the Bamboo or rubber raft. All this without any danger because the water is not that deep, also this is Under the closed watch of the local from Nam Khum Development Club and the member of PLANOrganization who is the expert in river rafting will be with you all the way. Moreover, there are Also a lifesaver for each tourist. Safety is 100 % guaranteed. The raft will be made by local Villagers. This will help them earn a living as well. If you prefer rubber boats, The Chiangrai Tour Association will also have them available for you. We guarantee that you will enjoy the adventure Along the river and this will be a trip to remember for a lifetime.

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Elephant Riding at Karen Ruammit village

Karen Ruammit village, where tourists can take elephant safaris is located in M.2 Mae Yao sub-district, Muang district, Chiangrai. Beside there are located other hill tribes villages such as Akha and Lahu at the same place.
How to go there?

By Car
Start driving at King Mengrai Monument to Mae Chan District. Turn left after crossed Mae Kok Bridge to high way no.1207 and drive to Saimoon village. There are signboards of Karen Ruammit village available at Saimoon village then follow the directions.

By Bus
Take a bus line Chiangrai-Mae Yao or hire a taxi at the Municipal Market to Karen Ruammitr.

By Boat
There are long-tailed boats available at Mae Fah Luang Bridge.

Karen Ruammit village is developed to be one of tourist attraction in the city of Chiangrai. It is famous for elephants riding around hill tribes villages.
Tourism Spots in Karen Ruammit village
Elephant Riding
Elephant riding at Karen Ruammit village available from 08.00 am to 04.00 pm. and only 2 persons can ride for each trip.
The main route of elephant riding trip is to visit hill tribe villages and get back to elephants camp by wading Mae Kok River.

Tour Programs
1. Traveling around Karen village
300 B./ 1 hour.
500 B./ 2 hour.
2. Travel to Jatoh village (500 B.), Ya Foo village (500 B.), and Yao village (500 B.).
3. Travel to Huai Mae Sai Waterfall 700 B./ 2 hours.
4. Huai Maklium Hot Spring 400 B./ 1.30 hours.
5. Yang Khamnu village 400 B./ 1.30 hours.
6. Karen Banklang village 500 B.

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