It is a part of Lam Naam Khok National Park and located on the Khok riverside. The area is a nice and peaceful place for recreation. Its diameter is 5 meters and there is an outdoor hot spa. The average temperature of hot spa is 67 degree Celsius. The hot spa consists of Fluoride, Nitrate, Sulphate, and Iodine which is not harmful for people who take mineral bath. Moreover, elephant riding tour is also available.

There are 3 accommodations and a campground is also available.

1. From the city of Chiangrai, drive on the way to Chiangrai beach and turn left before Wat Mengrai Maharaj. There is a signboard of Huai Kaew Waterfall, follow that direction and Huay Mark Lium Hot Spring is at the end of the road.
2. Get a taxi from Chiangrai Morning Market.
3. Long-tailed boats are available at Mae Fah Luang Bridge. (CR pier)

It is located about 1 km. away from Pha Sert Hot Spa. There are 30 individual rooms, as well as
A big outdoor pool for general public. Call 053-609-150 for more details.

It is located about 8 km. from the city of Chiangrai. It is 2 km from Baan Doo Market on the left hand side. It is a natural hot spring and it was discovered in 1957. The water temperature is around 60 degrees Celsius. The hot spring would probably last for another 50 years. There are garden, resting areas and private hot spring water bathing rooms for tourists. The area is expanded as far as 20-30 rais. There are 10 rooms each with individual bath tub. Call 053-703-262 for more details.

PHA SERT HOT SPA (Muang district)

Pha Sert Hot Spa is located nearby Pong Nam Rorn Backwater, Baan Pha Sert Pattana, M.6< Doi Hang< Chiang Rai.There are a big outdoor pool for general public, 8 private spa rooms, Thai massage and Camping service .Call 053-716-436, 053- 716-358
It is nearby Pha Sert Elephant Camp. Tourists can ride elephant to visit Bua Tong flower, covering on Doi Hang Mountain, visit hilltribe villages and Huay Kaew waterfall.

There are 2 ways to get there. By boat, from long tail boat pier (CR pier) at Mae Fah Luang Bridge, takes 50 mins. Bus and car use the Nha Kai road, about 20 kms from Den Ha Junction,

For Advance Reservation (Spa room)
Tel. 053-609117

PAH TUNG HOT SPRING (Mae Chan district)
A small hot spring that tourists usually go for recreation before or after go to Doi Mae Salong. It is located in Pa Tung village, Pa Tung Sub-District of Mae Chan. There are 15 private mineral bathrooms.
- 20 B. / Person for ordinary mineral bathrooms.
- 30 B. / Person for VIP room
HUAY HIN FON HOT SPRING (Mae Chan district)
It is about 7 kms. on the Mae Chan-Ta Thone road. There are 8 individual rooms with bath tubs and 6 rooms without the tubs.

The temperature of the hot spring is between 70-109 degrees celsius.Ti is situated amid scenic landscape with hidropathic rooms, a pond and a spa garden for those who wish to take a mineral baht for healing purposes.
MAE KHA JAAN HOT SPRING (Wiang Pah Pao district)
It is located in Mae Chedi Mai Sub-District of Wiang Pa Pao. It is a place that buses from Chiangmai stop before go to Chiangrai. Souvenir shop and local products are available there.

Mae Kha Jan Hot Spring is divided into three hot springs and an average temperature is about 80 degree celsius, then it can boil eggs within 3 minutes. Opposite Mae Kha Jan Hot spring are many private mineral bathrooms.

How to go to Mae Kha Jan Hot Spring
Drive on High Way No.118 to Chiang Mai the same way as Wat Phrajao Thong Thip, pass Wiang Pa Pao and hot spring will be on the left of Mae Khajan Market.
PONG TE WEE HOT SPRING (Wiang Pah Pao district)
It is about 2 km. on the Wiang Pa-Pao road. There are 2 rooms with bath tubes.
It is located at Phan District right by the Paholyotin road. There are 3 outdoor tubs and two springs.It works as a rest area for cars as well.

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