A small waterfall that located not so far from the city of Chiang Rai is Pong Prabaht Waterfall ,M.7 ,Ban Doo of Mae Chan District where tourist can see this waterfall. Along the riverside there are many cottages that were built for tourists.

         From the city tourists can go there by taking High Way No. 10 to Mae Chan District and turn left at Ban Doo Market (High Way No. 1151). It is 8 km away from Ban Doo Market, but tourists can stop and visit Ban Doo’s Hot Spring before getting to Pong Prabaht Waterfall. If you want to go by bus just get off at Ban Doo Market and there are motorcycles waiting for serve you (20 B./ each).

         Huai Kaew waterfall is located in Pha Soet village, Doi Hang. It is 6.5 km away from Huai Mak Lium Hot Spring and 25 kmS from the city of Chiangrai. It’s new for tourists, so not many people know about it, water flow all year round and it is a nice place that surrounded with thick wood. It is 2 levels waterfall. The 1st level is 30 m. high and tourists can swim in the pond under waterfall, 2nd level is 200 m. away from 1st level. This level is 40 m. high.

        From the city tourists can take the same way to go to Huai Mak Lium Hot Spring and turn left at Wat Phasoet Wanaram. It would be a good idea for tourists to drive 4x4 to the waterfall.
        Huai Mae Sai Waterfall is a part of Mae Kok National Park that located in Huai Mae Sai village, M. 10 Mae Yao Sub-District and 19 km away from the city of Chiangrai. The way to go to the waterfall quite rough then most tourists ride elephants from Karen Ruammitr Village or drive 4x4 instead of driving cars.

        Huai Mae Sai waterfall is 2 levels waterfall, the first level is 15 m. high and 100 m. away from another level. The first level is covered with moss and fern when the second level has a pond where tourists can swim.


       Tak Mork Waterfall was the ex-name of Khun Korn Waterfall Forest Park, it has many mountains surround This park. You spend the time around 30 minutes (33 Kms) from the central of Chiangrai. When you arrive you will feel fresh immediately because Khun Koan Waterfall forest Park is the perfect nature park. Khun korn waterfall is the tallest fall in Chiangrai, 70 metres tall. Besides this park has ”Butterflies fall” and “Hoay Lao Ai Fall”. Both are beautiful falls, including have many kinds of plant like ferns.Wild Orchids ect., have been along the way. You will here the voice of insects and birds.They make you feel good. In this park, it has the visitor centre and trekking for learning about the nature like a big classroom that has many things to learn. However, along the way to Khun Korn-Waterfall Forest Park still has wide space for camping and it has many shops for service the tourists until the sun set.

How to get there
        Khun korn waterfall was far from the central of Chiangrai about 33 kilometres.You can take by bus daily between Chiangrai-Ban pang Rimkorn or take by car.You drive on the main street no.1 about 13 kilometres to Ban Rongkhun and turn right,you’ll find the main street no.1208 about 5 kilometres,you drive to Ban Soandok and turn left.You drive on the main street no.1211 about 3 kilometres to Ban Mai tridentate way,then turn right.yu’ll find the main street no.1208,about 12 kilometres you will get there.And there after it the footpath way to the fall about 1.4 kilometre.At last you will find the highest waterfall in Chiangrai.
        Khun Naam Nang Non (A lagoon of Sleeping Lady) is a part of Tham Luang (Big Cave) – Khun Naam Naang Non Forest Park that people in Mae Sai loves to go there for recreation. It is located in Nam Jam village, Pong Pha Sub-District of Mae Sai.

        From the city of Chiangrai drive to Mae Sai and turn left at the same way to go to Tham Luang (Big Cave) and turn right at Nam Jam village-Khun Nam Nang Non road and the destination is only 300m. from it.

        Khun Naam Nang Non is a small canal that water flows from separate rocks under lime stone mountains. There is a small dam that covered 3 rais of it and tourists are allowed to swim.
        An outstanding national park of Thailand where tourists can find a warm waterfall is located in Phu Sang National Park. Phu Sang National Park covered 178, 120 rais or 285 square kilometers. Since it is a large park then it is vary in nature, especially wild lives and cold climate plants.
        Phu Sang Waterfall (a warm waterfall), a 25 m. high warm waterfall where tourists can swim is Phu Sang Waterfall. An average temperature of water is about 35 c., but no smell of sulfur so, everybody can swim safely. In winter this place is covered by fog. Food and beverages are available at the park all year round.
        Bo Nam Sub Oun (a warm artesian well), an average temperature of this artesian well is about 35 c. Since Phu Sang Waterfall originates from here that’s why the temperature is the same. This place is surrounded by thick wood which is good for recreation. Facilities and accommodations are available including tents service.
        Note: The Park open: 08.30 am. – 06.00 pm
        Poo Kaeng is a part of Doi Luang National Park where is located in Mae Yen Sub-District of Phan District. It is a nice place that people love to go . There is a pond that tourists are allowed to swim. For those who want to spend a night there, there is a place for campground, food and beverages are available also.
         Poo Kaeng is a 9 levels waterfall that water flows from a tunnel under limestone mountains and a number of limestone’s dregs are flown along with water also. When the time passed by it grow into a nice stalagmite, stalactite, and small tunnels that tourists can go inside. Tunnels are located behind waterfall of 5th and 9th levels. Water at Poo Kaeng Waterfall is clear and 100 m. is the distance for each level. There is a pavement made of hard soil, but not slippery.

        From the city of Chiangrai tourists can take High Way No. 1 and drive to Phan (the same way as Phayao). When arrive Phan turn to Poo Kaeng village at km. 773-774 and the way to waterfall is on right hand (Poo Kaeng – Rong Kot village). It is only 5 km. From Poo Kaeng village to the waterfall, but a road is quite rough and narrow. From parking lot tourists have to walk about 700 m. to the waterfall.

        Form Phan District there are cars for hire to go to Poo Kaeng Waterfall (500 B.). By the way, tourists can catch green buses from Chiangrai (Chiang Rai – Phayao Route) and get off at Poo Kaeng village, then hire motorcycles to the waterfall (50 B.).
Note: Open: 08.00 am. – 05.00 pm.
Tickets: Children 10 Baht, Adults 20 Baht, Cars 30 Baht
For more information: Tel. 0-5360-9042 , 0-1472-2030 (The director of Doi Luang National Park)

        Khun Jae Waterfall is a large waterfall that located in Pang Phung village, Mae Chedi of Wiang Pa Pao District. It is a part of Khun Jae National Park that surrounded with thick wood. 100 – 200 m. is the distance that tourists can walk to another level of Khun Jae Waterfall. Khun Jae Waterfall has 6 levels and 10 – 20 m. is the average high of the waterfall. Water in a pond below the waterfall is clear and it is a nice place that suitable for recreation.

         Start at Mae Khajan Market and drive on High Way No. 118 to Chiangmai then turn right to Wat Luang Ratchamroentham at km. 76. The road to Wat Luang Ratchamroentham is a solid soil about 600 m. then turn left to Thung Yao – Pang Phung village and drive to the waterfall for another 14 km. Khun Jae Waterfall is 200 m. away from parking lot.
        Taking a bus to Khun Jae Waterfall is a good choice also. Tourists can catch a bus line Chiangrai – Mae Kha Jan, then tourists can hire a taxi from Mae Kha Jan go straight to Khun Jae Waterfall.

        It is located in the area of Baan Huay Kang Sri Choom, M. 10. This is a small
Waterfall about 10 meters high. There are 2 steps on top and at the bottom is curve likeA pan. The area is surrounded by tropical weather trees.2
        It is located in the area of Baan Mae Tham Narm Thock, M. 6. This is a Waterfall about 25 meters high. . The area is surrounded by trees. It is 70 km. fromThe city of Chiangrai on the highway 1152 then turn on to Phaya Mengrai-Chiang Khong.Once you get to the entrance, you may need to walk another 600 meters to the waterfall.  
        This is a large waterfall with water all year round. There are 7 steps. The way upIs to walk through the stream and shoulder of the hill. It is about 2 km. from the bottom stepTo the highest step. There is about 50-70 meter between each step. There are 2 ways toGet to the top. The other way 4 wheels drive vehicles will be able to go on. The trekking Route is a bit curvy.  

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